What & Who I Like to Follow

Here is a list of Blogs, Websites, Podcasts, etc… that I pay attention to.  I will try to update monthly so as not to miss anything good.  Check them out to see what you think…

4 responses to “What & Who I Like to Follow

  1. Taylor,

    We would LOVE to be on your “What & Who I Like to Follow” list!!

    David Rouse
    Artistic Woodcrafts, Inc.
    Phone (951)785-0629
    Fax (951)785-0659

  2. I really like your stuff and have so much in common besides the beer…here’s my writing about beer/travel: http://hoppynomad.com Cheers!

  3. You should check out Beer Sessions Radio on the Heritage Radio Network. Based in NYC, but lots of guest from West Coast. Congrats on the Stone gig. I just picked up 3 bottles of the vertical (my bday is 12/12) for future drinking!

  4. Hello Taylor,

    I’m emailing today to suggest some content for your blog. A client of mine Kendall College recently had their hospitality program do a study into craft beer that provides insights into both the growth of the craft beer category as a whole along with food pairing suggestions to go with different types of craft beer. The info-graphic can be seen here (http://blog.kendall.edu/featured/craft-beer-infographic/2555). I was wondering you might be interested in featuring the info-graphic on your blog since your blog focuses on craft beer. I think your audience might be intrigued with the findings and the information. I would be happy to include a write up that summarizes the content of the infographic to accompany it as well. Please follow up with me if this is something you might be interested in featuring on your site. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day!

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