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Bourbon Inspires Greatness!

I struggle with cooking scallops at home.  I can never quite get them to sear the way they do in restaurants and I lament when I fail because they are so expensive. Water seems to pour from them despite the pan temp and this inhibits browning.    I bought some beautiful scallops on Saturday the Farmer’s Market from Poppa’s Fresh Fish.  I had never heard of fresh frozen “dry” scallops but my local seafood authority from Poppa’s Fresh Fish “splained” it to me.  Most scallops are injected with water before freezing to be transported.  This causes all the liquid to bleed when cooking.  The “dry” method does not use water; supposedly eliminating the runny liquid effect while cooking…

Saute 2 tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of garlic slowly over low heat.  Pat scallops dry to remove residual liquid and pepper to taste.  Add to pan when oil and garlic is hot and before allowing it to smoke.  Turn scallops when brown on first side  and squeeze juice of one half lemon.  Cook until second side is seared and scallops are at desired temp.  Remove scallops from pan and add about one shot of small batch bourbon( like Willett Small Pot Reserve) to pan to deglaze.  Pour resulting pan juices over scallops and ENJOY!

Bon Appetit!