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Bison Brewing Organic IPA

I needed a little afternoon pick-me up after my visit to the Little Italy Mercato, my neighborhood Farmer’s Market.  My pick for a Saturday afternoon beer…Bison Brewing Organic IPA!  I am a big fan of Bison Brewing and of Daniel DelGrande, the owner/brewmaster.  Daniel is an exceptional person and he pours his heart into his beer.  He will be coming to San Diego in January so stay tuned for details on an opportunity to meet him!

The beer pours a beautiful, hazy amber with about a one inc fluffy white head. Light lacing on the glass as the head dissapates.  I chose an oversized wine glass because I am in a very girly kind of mood today.  I swear it’s from the freshly ironed sheets I slept under last night :0 Oh my…  I really like the way this beer looks in my glass.  The color is rich and for some reason it is exactly the way I think a Certified Organic Beer should look.  Call me silly, but that’s how I think about things.  I develop a picture in my mind of what something “should” look like.  In this case my perception was spot on.  I am a huge supporter of all things organic so this beer speaks to my soul…

I closed my eyes and put the glass to my nose to soak in the aroma of the beer.  It has a rich, earthy smell that made me sigh the way I sigh when I like something.  This beer uses Tomahawk, Cascade and Centennial hops and I swoon at first sniff!  I also get hints of citrus, perhaps grapefruit.

I follow  @StoneBrewCo Dr. Bill Sysak’s (@BistroBeer on Twitter) style for tasting my beer. For a great detailed description watch the New Brew Thursdayhttp://www.newbrewthursday.com/ –  Double Bastard Episode.  Dr. Bill is the guest and he gives great advice for tasting.  The first taste I swish vigorously in my mouth to cleanse my palate .  Next I take a small taste in the front of my mouth and pull in some air to open up the palate.  The 3rd taste is when you really get the taste of the beer.

The mouthfeel is clean and medium in body.  The carbonation light.  The hops are well balanced with malt and not overpowering.  I like the earthiness.  There are light citrus tones — again grapefruit for me.

This is not a big hoppy beer, which I do love,  but rather a pleasant, highly drinkable session beer that would pair well with a myriad of food choices.   I think I will be creating a special “Grilled Cheese” creation just for this beer.  It comes in at 6.8% ABV so I could definitely get used to drinking this beer more often.  If you get the opportunity to try any of the Bison beers.  Please do so.  I think you will be very pleased.