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Are You Kidding Me? 2.8% ABV – Jester King – Le Petit Prince

Jester King Craft Brewery is located in the Texas Hill country; arguably the most beautiful part of Texas with Austin being the hub.  The Jester King dream was years in the planning and in 2009 they began turning their dream into reality.  As with many craft breweries, Jester King was was born out of the love of homebrewing.  Jester King broke ground on the beautiful brewery seen above in March of 2010.  Their blog does an amazing job of chronicling the blood, sweat and tears that went into the construction of this spectacular facility.  It takes a few minutes to scroll back but it is truly fascinating to see the process via the photographs they have posted.

I had my first Jester King beer courtesy of some nice beer folk in San Diego, the Gartin’s.  They belonged to a rare beer club that shipped a bottle of “Black Metal” Farmhouse Imperial Stout.  I loved the beer at first sip and I was fascinated by the branding.  You should note that the State of Texas has some troubling and challenging archaic laws that make it awfully damned hard for craft breweries to get off the ground.  I could not help but ponder the effort that went in to the making of this product.

Jester King beers recently made their way to San Diego and the seasoned beer geeks have fully embraced their well-crafted brews.  I had a very pleasant surprise last night when I spotted a lone bottle of Le Petite Prince in the cooler at Bottlecraft, my local San Diego bottle shop in the Little Italy neighborhood downtown.  Every beer I have tried from Jester King has been very solid so I definitely want to try as many of their beers as I can lay my hands on.  The label really popped out at me in the cooler and I almost dropped the bottle when I noticed the 2.8% ABV on the label.  What the #$%&???  How could there possibly be a good beer that was only 2.9%?  I was certainly about to find out…

Le Petit Prince is a Farmhouse Table Beer.  The beers pours a sassy yellow-orange and has a nice 2+ finger, white head.  The nose has that bread characteristic I like but I also got a little floral hops,  a hint of lemon and some fresh grass.    The taste is crisp with a little tang.  It has a lighter mouthfeel and carbonation.  Allowing the beer to linger on the tongue a bit brings out the flavor.  Slight bitter hop on the front with lemon and a tinge of earthiness.  I even got a little yeast from it which is amazing when you consider the ABV.  The finish is dry with just a scosh (Am I  making up words again?) of bitterness.  Le Petit Prince drinks far bigger than 2 2.8% beer.  It does not drink like a session beer at all.  I have never had anything like it – ever – and I can say with all certainty that I would be a happy girl if I could find more beer in this vein.  I will be stocking up on this for the summer months.  I don’t have a lawn nor do I own a lawnmower, but if I did, this is the beer I would drink on it!  I can assure you it will be consumed after my weekend runs this summer 🙂

On a funny note…I shared my beer with the couple sitting next to me at the bar.  As it turns out, they are from Houston and this was their first time trying Jester King beer!  They have a trip to Jester King planned this month but here they were in San Diego trying it for the first time.  It is such a pleasure to share the things you love with nice people.  Make it a point to share a great beer with a stranger.  It is a truly gratifying experience…