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Craft Beer “OPD”

I tend to suffer from “OPD” – Over Passion Disorder!  When I decide to love something – trust me when I tell you – “I LOVE IT” with passion and I pour my heart into it.  This quirky trait can sometimes be associated with obsessive compulsive behavior and my love of Craft Beer may indeed apply.  The pure pleasure of sampling a new craft beer is addictive and the rush it fuels drives an intense desire to sample more and more.  This is in no way, shape or form about drinking to get high.   On the contrary it is about drinking to experience the beautiful complexity, taste, aroma, and vision of craft beer.  OMG!  I think I am Craft Beer Addict!

The Learning Process

The more I drank good beer, the more I liked it and the more I wanted to try.  I often found myself gazing at the craft beer selections in my local Bev Mo or Whole Foods, trying to decide what I should try next!  I experimented a lot.  There were so many choices and I was completely overwhelmed by all the styles.  But the more I tried, the more I liked and in fact, it was rare I tried one that I found one I disliked.  I had the good fortune of becoming friends with a local brewer that was a walking encyclopedia on beer styles and craft beer culture.  With John’s guidance, I further explored the many styles of craft brewed beer.  I listened to him talk about the brewing process and this helped me understand more about the complexities of the beer.   I found myself planning meals around the beer selection for the evening.   There was no doubt I was completely hooked on craft beer!

I traveled to the Czech Republic with the sole purpose of sampling and learning about Czech Beer.  While in Prague I became friends with an amazing international beer judge that has also inspired my desire for more knowledge. Honza Kočka (@czbeer on Twitter) owns a small craft brewery about two hours outside of Prague.  Honza knows and loves Czech beer but his knowledge encompasses styles from all over the world.  I became inspired by his passion and knowledge. He became my beer muse.

So my beer journey has been an interesting one thus far.  I make no claims of being an expert.  I know what I like and I enjoy exploring the seemingly endless of options available to me.  While I still enjoy a glass of wine, craft beer has definitely found it’s way to the top my list of “Things that don’t suck” – my label for the things in my life that I truly love and appreciate.  It was really a slow and subtle transition, culminating with the ultimate realization that I love craft beer!

Stay tuned if you are interested in reading about some of my craft beer adventures.  As my confidence increase, I will dabble with beer reviews and sharing information about my beer tasting adventures.