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Occupy Morocco

Occupy Morocco

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“The Harsh Reality of a Constitutional monarchy

A Dictatorship by any other name….

This post is the opinion of an independent, western woman based on perceptions resulting from travel in Morocco.  The country and the majority (99%) of the people are beautiful and kind.  There is poverty in Morocco beyond the average American’s ability to conceive.  This post is for those American’s who mock Capitalism.  It is meant to remind them of the freedom and the rights that we enjoy . We live in a country that allows any man/woman to work hard and achieve success; something far too many take for granted.

"Off Limits When Mohamed VI Visits the Hotel"

  1. The King“Mohammed VI”*** – “King of the Poor” – I think not.  Please create more jobs for your people so that more than 1 in 3 have employment and use your extreme wealth to improve the living conditions for the poor people of Morocco.  Oppression as it exists in Morocco opens the door for Fundamentalism.  Turning these peace-loving moderates into extremist haters would be a travesty.  King Mohammed…you have taken stands in the past against Fundamentalist Muslims.  Please do more…
  2. Corrupt Police – Again “Mohammed VI” – You and you alone can stop the tyranny of the corrupt Moroccan Police force.  I saw the bribes taking place outside of Fes, Rabat and Marrakech.  Why do tour bus drivers need to pass you policemen money behind the engine cover in the rear of the bus????  End this… Please support your people.  You are allowing these men to rob your hard working citizens.  People live in fear of the Police.  This is wrong…
  3. The Kings Guards – Really “Mohammed VI”?  If your people love you so much, why do you need so many guards, police and military staff members guarding you?  I did not hear one bad word about you from any of your citizens.  Use the military to distribute food to the poor please.  Have them teach old people to read…
  4. The King’s Palaces & Properties“Mohammed VI” – Why do you need so many “Royal” properties King Mohammed?  Please sell some of them and establish better education for women & all children.  This and only this will protect your country from extremists who prey on oppressed people.  Educated people do not succumb to the myth’s of Fundamentalism.  I know you can change this by raising the literacy level in your country.
  5. Medical Care“Mohammed VI” – Establish legitimate medical facilities where fees are fair and corruption outlawed.  Healthy people will secure the future of Morocco.  Prices should not be negotiated by Doctors at the cafe.
  6. Poverty – “Mohamed VI”Morocco is wealthy in natural resources.  Bountiful soil, sunshine and water are a powerful formula for successful food growth. Use the wealth of your land to put an end to the extreme poverty in your country.  Make sure all of your citizens have full bellies.
  7. Oppression of Women – “Mohammed VI”You have taken some good steps in giving rights to women in Morocco.  Keep up the momentum King Mohammed!  Create a stronger path to education and support job creation for women.  Create programs to care for the women cast aside by society after divorce.
  8. Arranged Marriage – Raise the minimum age for legal marriage in Morocco and protect your children.  Create programs for older women that do not have family to support them should they become widowed or divorced.  Support “choice” for women.
  9. Animal Cruelty (camels, monkey’s and even snakes) – It is wrong to allow people to give Camel rides on asphalt roads.  This is not the natural sand surface a Camel is meant to walk on.  Stop “Monkey’s in Chains” from being pimped in Jamaa el Fna (Arabic: ساحة جامع الفناءjâmiʻ al-fanâʼ) for cheap tourist photographs.  Eliminate Snake Charmers.
  10. Smoking – How can alcohol be banned by Islam but tobacco accepted?  Nicotine is just as addictive as alcohol.  Men seem to be the biggest smokers in Morocco.  You are poisoning your children.

***Mohammed VI is the present King of Morocco and Amir al-Mu’minin (commander of the faithful)

One of Hundreds of Guards Surrounding La Momounia when the King Visits