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Alaskan Brewing 2009 Baltic Porter

Alaskan Brewing 2009 Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter

This beer pours dark and soft with a small caramel colored head that lingers for a short period.   The vanilla on the nose is intoxicating followed by subtle cherry tones and soft oak.  I wanted to keep my eyes closed and soak in the aroma to lock it in my memory forever .  The first sip was sweet and chocolatey with soft lingering coffee tones.  The mouthfeel creamy with well balanced, light bubbles that danced on my tongue and sparked a sensual flutter in my tummy.  The alcohol is surprisingly well masked for the 9.8% ABV.   It is amazingly complex beer that is easy to drink with just the right amount of sweetness.  I could sip this beer all night.  Suffice it to say I would do most anything to have it again.  Oh My…