About The Art of Beer…

Update 2013…

I can’t believe I am a day away from 2013!  This year has been a wild ride, filled with lots of fun beer adventures shared with fabulous people I have met because of this silly little blog.  It is simply incredible how many friendships have developed because of my love of craft beer.

On January 7th I am proud to be starting my very first day as an employee of Stone Brewing Co as a National Accounts Manager.  If you know anything about my beer journey, you will get the significance of this epic event in my life.  I am a craft beer lover because of Stone so this journey has come full circle for me.

I keep thinking it is all a dream because I never imagined I would actually earn a living in the industry I have so much love and respect for.  It’s going to be a fantastic learning experience and I would be lying if I said I am not scared to death!  I am taking a significant salary cut to pursue this dream so you had best believe this beer geek is committed!   Many of my colleagues in my old industry think I have a screw loose but I beg to differ.  Happiness holds far more value to me than money at this stage in my life.  It’s going to be a struggle but I am up for the task.  I will be traveling a lot in my new role and that translates to meeting up with more fabulous craft beer lovers across the country.

I wish everyone a safe, peaceful and prosperous New Year.  Thank you for the support and here’s to great beer!

Taylor – aka –“The Art of Beer”

In general…

I love to travel and meet new people.  My job takes me to some great places and I use Twitter to seek out the best places for food, beer and wine when I travel.  It’s a terrific way to get advice from locals.   Beer geeks are great people across the board so I urge you to reach out and connect.  I also have passion for world travel so you’ll see some posts from trips.  I like to visit places that take me out of my comfort zone.  I come home with a different perspective and forever changed…

I believing in sharing beer.  I am generous to a fault.  There is no better feeling for me than knowing that someone got a huge smile on their face when opening a box containing a great beer they cannot access in their area.  I tell you it’s a beautiful thing.  You should try it.  The Bruisin’ Ales sticker says it best:

noun def: concern for the welfare and advancement of beer

You should check out their website — great people!

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My love affair with craft beer...

My love affair with craft beer…

19 responses to “About The Art of Beer…

  1. Hi Taylor, huge congrats on starting your blog! I love the name “the Art of Beer”. have you been to the Brick Store Pub in Decatur, Ga? It’s the jewel of the southeast and I used to work there. I am about to fulfill my own life dream and publish my first book Love at the Pub on 11.11.09. It’s on the craftsmanship, conversational atmosphere, and community of the Brick Store Pub (#2 rated beer bar on BeerAdvocate.com). It’s truly a magical place both locally and internationally-beer speaking. May I connect with you on this? loveatthepub website or maryjane at maryjanebrain dot com. cheers!

    • Thank you kindly. I am very green but learning as i go. I would love to connect with you. Just tell me what you need me to do.

    • I recently completed a 2+ week 6500 mi. road trip from SoCal all the way out to my furthest east stop, Decatur, GA just for the Brick Store. Quite an amazing place. It was my favorite stop along the way (outside of the AMAZING cuisine at Restaurant Eugene in Atlanta). Oh, and the visit to New Belgium was quite awesome as well.

  2. I’ll look forward to reading more! The craft beer community is about the most embracing I’ve been in.

  3. Great Bio.! I may need to update mine. I like going to out my way at craft beer bars in NYC to engage people in conversations about craft beer. I also have made some great connections over the past few years. Hope we can chat about beer sometime. Maybe at some point over a pint of craft beer in NYC.

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  5. Hi Taylor
    congrats…its great to see people living and sharing their passion for craft beer..I also share in that passion, so much so, I’m a co-owner/partner in a large beer festival in Toronto, Canada that features great Ontario Craft brews. I am also developing a beer and food cookbook with a celebrity chef…we have 40 craft brewers already on board and I’m looking for more…Les

  6. Taylor
    We’d love to keep you posted about what’s happening at Meantime. If you send me an email address I’ll make sure you are on our press release mailing list.


  7. Hi Taylor, Glad to meet you.
    Art of beer sounds about right. Been practicing the art most of the current milleniun. Have made some fine brews. Slow cooking sounds like the right attitude, beermaking, cheesemaking, breadmaking now. Started with making mead because I had an awful lot of honey just sitting around. Got most of a dozen seven year olds now.
    Music? Try the Beer Brothers:

    [audio src="http://skishark.systemhalted.com/sounds/HomebrewOcean.mp3" /]

    Send me an e-mail and I will reply with recipe for bread that takes about a month.

    Skishark 0\/0

  8. Taylor,

    If you are ever in the valley, four peaks has great beer…

    If you ever go to Seattle, pike’s place has a brewery and it’s darn good beer…


  9. Cory McDonald

    Love the blog. Check out the boys at Hess. They’re new in your hood! Also, as far as Beer Art (small play on words), check out Troegs in PA!

  10. Hey Taylor,

    I came across your Beer Blog via Twitter…and i love it!

    My name is Brian and I run a Beer Directory called Beer Jumbo, http://www.beerjumbo.com. It is the world’s largest, most detailed Beer and Bar company directory.

    Anyways I have a Beer Hubs, Reviews and Blogs section that I would love to add to my directory.

    Let me know if this is ok.

    I’ve left you my email, and i look forward to hearing from you!



  11. Glad I stopped by your blog, I love your enthusiasm for craft brewing! Recently stepping into the world of beer blogging and tweeting myself, I’ve also found that beer people are wonderful, and you’re one of them!

  12. Hi Taylor,
    Writing to say “hello,” here. Just began following you on twitter.

    We are the official and exclusive publishers of the Craft Beer and Wine
    Festivals put on by Starfish Junction. I don’t know if they do any out by
    you, they certainly put on a fair amount here on the East Coast. From
    the North Fork of Long Island, where vineyards are king, to Philadelphia and
    Atlantic City, Manhattan. Anyway, I have been a beer drinker and just now getting into the craftier side of the brew…fascinating and tasty stuff!
    So, that’s it for now. Keep you posted, and please reach out and say “hi!” you can also reach me at the office 516-747-8282 or http://www.gerrylaytin.com my writing website and of course on Twitter.

    • So nice to meet you Gerry. Craft beer is super complex and the greatest part is trying new beer from small craft breweries that may never get distributed in your area. I get to travel a fair amount with my job and one of my greatest pleasures is finding the time to sneak off for a local beer. As Lee Williams, aka @hoptopia, say – Beer people are good people. I do believe that…

      Cheers and hope to run into you in my travels!

      • Hi Taylor,
        If you are going to be out this way, our first show is March 26th
        The Spring Craft Beer Festival at the Nassau Coliseum (there is
        a great Marriott Hotel about 100 yards away.) We will be exhibiting there
        as well as all the breweries. And the really FUN show (of course, where beer is concerned, they’ll all be fun, right?) that we have
        going on is on August 13th…the North Fork Craft Beer BBQ and Wine Festival (pig roast and all,) at Martha Clara vineyards. Hope you can make it to that one. Stay in touch, either here, or via my email: glaytin@antonnews.com; office line 516-747-8282 and mobile, 631-514-9142.

  13. south beach smoke

    I like this website and the writing style you use throughout your entry. You truly have a gift and a way with words. I pray you keep writing such powerful content on a everyday basis, as i absolutely look forward to reading it.

  14. Hey Taylor,
    just wanted to say hi, and to tell you you need to start writing ASAP, your blog deserves that! 😉

    • Ana,

      Thank you so much. I have not had much inspiration to write of late and I have been letting my circumstances get the better of me. Perhaps it is time I got back to doing something I have passion for instead of dwelling on all that is broken in my life. Thank you sincerely for giving me a nudge.

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