Live From Daryl’s House with Daryl Hall

The very first concert I went to that was unsupervised by adults was Hall & Oates in 1977 <if memory serves me right> in Allentown, Pennsylvania at the fairgrounds.  It was a REALLY big deal because my parents let me go back to visit a friend after we moved to West Virginia.  Hall & Oates were a pretty big thing back them and going to that concert is a fond memory.

Flash forward 35 years to 2012 and I found “Live From Daryl’s House” with Daryl Hall on television last night.  What a great show!  Grace Potter and the Nocturnal’s were guests on the episode I watched last night.  I am a HUGE Grace Potter fan and it was so cool listening to her perform with Daryl Hall.  The show was awesome and I will make it a point to tune in more often.  Daryl Hall has done an excellent job reinventing himself.  He is one talented man!

If you have not watched it — I highly recommend it.  You can watch the archived shows via the website and each episode lists the guest artist – Sweet!

Live From Daryl’s House with Daryl Hall :: Homepage.


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