Funding Options for Startup Breweries –

I read this very interesting article (See Link Below) this morning at SF Gate – the online site for the San Francisco Chronicle.   In the past year, I’ve seen more and more Crowd Funding” campaigns,  like Kickstarter,  for small start-up breweries.   I invested in one such venture  last summer for Wilderness Brewing Company in Kansas City.  They were successful in hitting their target using Friends, Family and Social Media.  I just got my t-shirt last week and I enjoy reading about the progress of these young entrepreneurs.

Crowd Funding is a great way to raise funds that make entrepreneurial dreams come true but it is not easy.  Investors are doing so for T-shirts, VIP memberships and other perks; not shares in the business.  There are laws that limit actual equity shares to a very small number of people.  Certified Investors are the only ones allowed by the SEC beyond this number.  This is the problem.

Read the article and learn a little about the possibilities and the challenges.   If you aspire to owning a brewery, brew pub, or craft beer bar;  this is a subject that should be of great interest.  I do hope to see the laws change so that I could consider actually investing for equity and the article suggests there is movement to do so.   I suspect I am not alone.  The Craft Beer Community supports the underdog in more way than one.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many put their money on the line?

Here is the link to the article:

Crowd funding, an online path for small businesses

Here’s to New Breweries & Good Beer!


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