Response to>>>Craft Beer Can’t Get Better Without Constructive Criticism – Phoenix Restaurants and Dining – Chow Bella

My response – My opinion…I do not completely disagree with the writer of the post found at the link below.  I just don’t think this specific situation applies to the point.

Readers: You do not have to agree with me and I will not dislike you if you don’t.

There is nothing “constructive” about the criticism plaguing Beer Advocate, Twitter and other Social Media outlets with regard to craft brewing.  Expressing dislike for a beer based on style, flaws or personal taste is not the issue. There are heaps of beers I don’t care for.  Brewers understand and accept this type of criticism and while hard to hear, it is expected.

Generalized bashing of brewers and breweries that are the rants of immature, socially inept, cowards hiding behind a computer screen; are not constructive.  Put these “self-proclaimed beer experts” in front of a live audience of true craft beer advocates and they will crap their skinny jeans before being able to speak a word of criticism.  Do you really think comments like “I would not water my plants with your shitty beer” or “your beer tastes like asparagus piss” are helpful or constructive?  I think not.  This is an example of some of the utter crap we witness on a regular basis.

Technology is a wonderful thing but it provides anonymity to people with motives that are non-constructive and at times even criminal.  Just look at the increase in pedophilia in the US as it correlates to Internet access.  When these nasty beings had to show their faces in public to feed their disease; it was at far greater consequence.   With a computer hiding their identity, it has become far too easy to act on the sickness.  Yes…I realize this is far from a like comparison, but unfortunately the principle is the same.  It’s easy to spout off from a computer keyboard than it is from a podium.  This is what separates the BA “Boys” from real men & women that offer up descriptions of the characteristics that do not appeal to them.

Craft brewers and breweries take big financial chances to give beer drinkers in the United States choice.  It is high risk, expensive, stressful and often lacking in financial reward.  No one is forcing people to buy or drink these beers.  We have the freedom to choose in America.  If you don’t like something; don’t drink it again.  Whether I like a beer or not, I respect the gumption behind the source.  I do not want to discourage others from venturing into this very difficult field.  I support those who take risks to follow their passion.  We would be in a sad state if no one wanted to pursue this trade.  My palate, pallet, palette… (Yes I’m talking to you Conan the Grammarian) is my own personal taste.  My opinion differs from some of my most respected beer friends.  So what?  No one died and made me the “God of Beer Tasting”; especially if my review is built on insulting rhetoric.

To the douche-bags on Beer Advocate and other web-based forums that throw out petty and trite criticisms, I challenge them to get up on a stage at GABF and spout this beer snobbery dogma to the people who celebrate the craft instead of bashing it.  It is doubtful they will get much support but even more unlikely that they would even have the balls to step on to the stage to begin with.  It is also unlikely that these armchair beer critics would mortgage their house (or their parent’s for those still living there) to start their own craft brewery.  That takes courage and people who rant behind a computer screen don’t know the definition of courage.  I for one would boo their happy bums off the stage.

Beer Advocate…you offer heaps of valuable information to the industry and you have earned your place.  This criticism is not of BA.  There are many good people who participate in reviewing beers.  I do however, wish you would take these negative threads down but I realize this is a “freedom of speech” conflict in the US.  There is no easy answer.

Search “Beer Geek Meets Girl” on YouTube to get a real idea of what these “beer God critics” look like or check the link below.

disclaimer:  I make mistakes when I type.  I misspell at times and I use words out of context.  I am not perfect. Get over it. #enoughsaid

The link below will take you to the article I am responding to.

Craft Beer Can’t Get Better Without Constructive Criticism – Phoenix Restaurants and Dining – Chow Bella.


One response to “Response to>>>Craft Beer Can’t Get Better Without Constructive Criticism – Phoenix Restaurants and Dining – Chow Bella

  1. Yep it’s easy to hide online with just a username, just look at YouTube I doubt any of those people would every say some of that stuff in public.

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