Morocco just might be the Satellite Dish Capitol of the World…

Check out the Satellite Dishes

This is a strange observation and I goodness knows I am famous for noticing strange things!  Morocco has more satellite dishes than any place I have ever traveled to.  I saw what amounted to wood and grass huts on the way from Fes to Casablanca that had more satellite dishes per square foot of roof than it seemed possible.  There is no way these homes had plumbing and  it is unimaginable how electricity was being accessed.  The photo above is not one of the extremely poor housing areas.  I tried my hardest to snap a photo but the one below is the only one I could capture. This is still not representative of the shanty towns I witnessed.

Somewhere on the road between Rabat and Casablanca

My cultural paradigm had me thinking about how they could choose television over a better home or possibly even food.  My Moroccan driver painted an entirely different picture when he heard my dismay.  He said that the poor people in Morocco sit glued to the television because it is the only way they will ever see a better life.  I had a huge lump in my throat and my eyes teared up.  I had never thought of it that way.

Lesson learned…

Until tomorrow — TheArtofBeer

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  1. Great shots. Mexico is like this too. It’s a status symbol. Lots of them don’t even work and never did.

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