Lost Rhino Brewing – Ashburn, VA

The Art of Beer is back on the road less traveled after a 3 year, unemployment fueled hiatus.  I hit the road…err…air Thursday night, Morocco-bound and as luck would have it, got to spend a day in the DC area.

Lost Rhino Brewing

In close proximity to Washington-Dulles Airport, Lost Rhino Brewing is poised to make a bold mark in the Craft Beer World.  Recommended by Twitter friend @DrinkRealBeer aka Andrew, I decided to check it out.  @StephanieKays offered to drive out to meet me so the plan was in place.  Brewer Favio Garcia, @LostBrewer, reached out via Twitter and offered a tour so how could we refuse?

I arrived at Dulles at 6:30 am and headed to a hotel for a few more hours of sleep and a hot shower.  I hopped a cab ($25) to Lost Rhino.

Located in a quiet Industrial Park, the  brewery/tasting room is a very nice space with heaps of comfortable seating and a warm, friendly staff.  There were 6 beers offered on tap and I started with the Rhino Chasers Pils which came in at about 5.5% if memory serves me correctly.  Crisp & clean, this Pils had a beautiful creamy head.  The sweetness of the malts are brilliantly complemented with the US grown Haletau and Saaz hops.   Loved it!!!!  The Face Plant IPA was next and wow was I pleasantly surprised.  Brewed with Cascade and Centennial Hops, this IPA is beautifully floral on the nose and has no bitterness on the finish.  This West Coast Hop-Head really appreciated the balance of malt to hops in this well-crafted beer.

When Stephanie arrived, Favio poured us a beer and took us on a tour of the brewery.  The place was spotless and well organized.  Lost Rhino was born when Old Dominion moved out of the area.  Favio, and partner Matt Hagerman (former OD Brewer’s) were able to raise investment capital and purchase the Old Dominion Brewhouse.  They found the location in Ashburn, VA and the rest is history.

Stephanie and I, along with some very pushy Rubber Ducks,  enjoyed First-Class treatment from Favio.  The highlight was tasting their new Belgian Strong ale straight from the tank. What a treat!

It was absolutely delicious and I will be bribing Stephanie to acquire some if they get it bottled.  We ended the tour with a sample of the Lost Rhino Woody Stout.  Aged in Smith Bowman Bourbon Barrels, this stout has notes of chocolate and a wonderful creamy mouthfeel.

One of the true pleasures of my life is having the chance to meet new people and share my love of Craft Beer.  This visit was no exception.  Thank you to Stephanie Kays for going out of her way to meet me and Favio Garcia for sharing the story of Lost Rhino and for allowing me the honor of sampling their amazing beer.

To learn more about Lost Rhino Brewing visit:


I am making this post from Fes, Morocco.  Baarka Allahu fik!

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