Here’s to 2010!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a festive evening and that heads are not terribly sore today.  It’s the start of a new decade and I for one am very excited about it.  I am an eternal optimist for the most part and I am choosing to believe that 2010 has good things in store for me.  I think I actually deserve it after the E Ticket ride I had this year!

New Year’s Day is typically a very social day for the Scottish people.   They visit friends and family; eating & drinking up a storm.  But I am using it as a day of reflection.  I am counting my blessings and planning for really good things to happen.  I am looking forward to a date tomorrow with a guy I actually still like after seeing him several times — that’s very cool and something I haven’t been able to say in a very long time.   I am healthy, happy and most importantly, at peace with myself.  It has been a very good day!

My New Year’s Resolution –  “I will work on being a better person” – it’s as simple as that.  I just plan to go a little extra each day to make a contribution to the planet and to the people living on it.  Just think of the possibilities if each and every person did one thing daily to help someone or some cause.  I am guessing we would see significant change.

I wish everyone the best things in 2010 and I have faith in all of you.  Tonight I will drink a beer and toast to your health and prosperity – Cheers!

Love & Kisses “TheArtofBeer


3 responses to “Here’s to 2010!

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  2. I hope your 2010 is full of fun, friends, love and BEER!~ Prosit

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