Italiana Grilled Cheese

Ingredients from my local Italian Market!

I live in “Little Italy”, a vibrant neighborhood in beautiful downtown San Diego.  I have the luxury of walking to great Italian Restaurants and even have a great little neighborhood market that sell amazing Italian ingredients.  It’s another rainy day in San Diego and suffice it to say I am loving it.  I guess it’s my Scottish blood that makes me love the rain.

The market had a loaf of Black Olive Artisan Bread  – baked fresh by Bread & Cie , a local San Diego Bakery.  Along with this I selected some sliced Asiago Cheese, Fresh Basil, Roma Tomatoes and a delectable Spicy Sopressata (Salami) Salumi.  I also picked up an amazing fig compote with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and a tube of Sun Dried Tomato Paste for use in future Grilled Cheese Creations!  I find myself thinking of all the possibilities that make for a great Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

I sliced the bread and the Sopressata thinly then rolled & chopped a few fresh basil leaves.  Using my tried and true olive oil in a non-stick pan, I placed two slices of the bread in the pre-heated pan and covered them with two slices of Asiago Cheese; covering the pan with a lid to melt the cheese faster.  Once the cheese began to melt, I covered one side of molten cheese with the chopped basil and thinly sliced Sopressata.  It dawned on me that a couple of slices of Roma Tomato would be the perfect addition.  I flipped the other side on top and it was grilled to perfection!

The Finished Product!


The inside....

8 responses to “Italiana Grilled Cheese

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  2. You’ve inspired me.

    Today’s lunch = grilled cheese (Monterey Jack, Lacey Swiss and Gorgonzolla chunks) on Pepperidge Farm whole wheat, dipped in a delicious Tomato Bisque. And of course a splash of habanero hot sauce into the bisque for a nice bite. Deeeeelicious!!!!

  3. Ooh and bacon bits! Lots and lots of bacon bits (not the fakey stuff)

  4. Yummm…I now wonder how long I will be in the traffic to get to Little Italy from Carlsbad on a Friday night. Which beer did you pair (recommend) with this grilled-sani masterpiece?

    • Too funny! It was a great sandwich for sure. As for beer – I would go with a Saison style would be nice or my old standby IPA – which I personally love with anything. There are no rules – just enjoy what you eat & drink but buy locally produced food whenever humanely possible! Cheers!

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