Midwest Micro Brews Santa Claus! aka Michael Bergman

Twas two weeks before Christmas in my unemployed house….days were spent posting resumes and wishing I had a spouse.  What is that noise at my door that I hear?  It’s Midwest Micro Brews Santa with a box full of Beer!!! Away from the door I flew like a flash.  I tore open the box in awe of the stash!

Midwest Micro Brews!

The heave of my breasts and the after sex-like flushed glow,  do justly describe how I felt as I looked into the box below.

Now Cran-Bic , now Coffee Stout & Imperial Saison, On Spotted Cow, On Cracke’d Wheat – next Fat Squirrel – Damn Right On!

Leading the pack with an unbelievable might – Hinterland Pale Ale leads us straight into the night! And as I exclaim this so outta sight, Merry New Glarus Belgian Red to us all and to all a flippin’ awesome craft beer night!

Hinterland Pale Ale & New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red - OMG!!!!

When the worlds got you down and your life is in tatters…Reach out to great friends cause they are truly what matters!  Who would think that a box of beer could bring so much joy?  Those who know this wonderful community full of great girls & boys!

What Heaven Looks Like!

My sincerest thanks to Michael Bergman for such a generous gesture that truly made this day fantastic.  I will see this as yet another sign that the job in Indiana is my destiny…


6 responses to “Midwest Micro Brews Santa Claus! aka Michael Bergman

  1. Ha! Good for you. You have quite the creative streak as well.

    I have a few boxes of New Glarus coming in January, through less extraordinary means. My dad is driving it out from South Dakota.

  2. Taylor! What a fantastic box of goodies! and Loved your poem!! 🙂

  3. Looks like you need some drinking buddies to help out with all that awesome beer!

  4. Yay! Good stuff! Cheers!

  5. LOL haha, loved the poem, great job! And that’s a good lookin’ box of beer if I do say so myself! Enjoy! 🙂

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