Avery “The Reverend” – I just found God!

Avery “The Reverend” Quadrupel 10% ABV –

Avery "The Reverend" Beer Review

Enticing copper in color with small, tight, off-white head and light lacing.  Beautiful to look at in the glass.  It draws me in…

Honey and orange blossom on the front-end of the nose with tempting aroma of sweetness promising to delight the tongue and satisfy the senses.  Alcohol not prominent but makes its presence known.

Mouthfeel is warm and enticing; alluding pleasure through the finish.  Light in carbonation.  I am compelled to pull this glass to my lips.

Tastes of caramel sweetness with subtle tones of apricot but also hints of dark cherry fruit.   Impalpable hop presence; just enough to satisfy my needs.

Not your typical interpretation of a Quad and I like that.  I would say this beer is an insidious pleasure…far beyond my expectations.  It makes me want to confess my love of beer…Praise Avery!  I will be buying more…

3 responses to “Avery “The Reverend” – I just found God!

  1. Awesome, I can’t wait to try it! Great review 🙂

  2. Great description, have not tried this one but now I will. Thanks.

  3. Avery can make beer or what? I like your evaluation – though I call attention to more raisin-y flavors? It smells of an oatmeal stout, almost, but just twice the punch of one.

    And I’m not certain of your manliness, but you say, “Alcohol not prominent”? Compared to what? Scotch? It has the kick, even at 10%, of “Beast” or “Mephistopheles”

    Happy tasting!

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