The Learning Process

The more I drank good beer, the more I liked it and the more I wanted to try.  I often found myself gazing at the craft beer selections in my local Bev Mo or Whole Foods, trying to decide what I should try next!  I experimented a lot.  There were so many choices and I was completely overwhelmed by all the styles.  But the more I tried, the more I liked and in fact, it was rare I tried one that I found one I disliked.  I had the good fortune of becoming friends with a local brewer that was a walking encyclopedia on beer styles and craft beer culture.  With John’s guidance, I further explored the many styles of craft brewed beer.  I listened to him talk about the brewing process and this helped me understand more about the complexities of the beer.   I found myself planning meals around the beer selection for the evening.   There was no doubt I was completely hooked on craft beer!

I traveled to the Czech Republic with the sole purpose of sampling and learning about Czech Beer.  While in Prague I became friends with an amazing international beer judge that has also inspired my desire for more knowledge. Honza Kočka (@czbeer on Twitter) owns a small craft brewery about two hours outside of Prague.  Honza knows and loves Czech beer but his knowledge encompasses styles from all over the world.  I became inspired by his passion and knowledge. He became my beer muse.

So my beer journey has been an interesting one thus far.  I make no claims of being an expert.  I know what I like and I enjoy exploring the seemingly endless of options available to me.  While I still enjoy a glass of wine, craft beer has definitely found it’s way to the top my list of “Things that don’t suck” – my label for the things in my life that I truly love and appreciate.  It was really a slow and subtle transition, culminating with the ultimate realization that I love craft beer!

Stay tuned if you are interested in reading about some of my craft beer adventures.  As my confidence increase, I will dabble with beer reviews and sharing information about my beer tasting adventures.


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