The Art of Beer Debut…

My beer journey has been an interesting one.  I am no expert but, I know what I like and I enjoy exploring the seemingly endless of options available to me.  I am very fortunate to live in California and have access to a plethora of great craft beer options because of favorable beer distribution laws.  In San Diego, local craft breweries are plentiful and they offer an amazing selection of styles.  The brewers are a colorful group with personalities as vibrant and interesting as the beers they create.

I am still learning my way around the craft brewing vernacular and there is so much left for me to learn.  I look forward to having the confidence to articulate my opinion or describe what I like about the beer I am drinking.  As a result of my coming of age in San Diego—I love hops!  I make my choices carefully now and there is no doubt that my palate prefers high-quality, craft brewed beer.  I cannot drink beer that is bad.  No offense to those who like pedestrian, industrial beer…I would rather do without if that is all that is available.

Since I travel rather frequently, I have the pleasure of visiting many great cities where I tend to seek out the finest in local craft beer establishments.  I love to write about my experiences and I hope I can share some useful information.  There are so many amazing places serving great craft beer and delicious food to pair with it.

Of this I am certain: I am meeting some exceptionally nice people on this journey that are always willing to share their knowledge of brewing and beer. I am thankful to each and every one of you… Cheers!

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